The 3 Reasons Why Sustainability Starts with Food

Too often the world can look bleak. It’s easy to get depressed about the future when you see things like childhood obesity on the rise or climate change being denied. That is why we started Cultuvate. We are set on “cultivating a culture of sustainability.” For us, sustainability starts with the food on your plate. The three reasons we find this to be true boil down to 3 simple choices we make every day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What do y(our) meals look like?

1. Breakfast- are you starting your day off right?

This isn’t a debate about the pros and cons of eating breakfast that you’ll find in health circles. This is about any and every child before they go to school. If 1 in 5 students go to bed hungry at night what do they wake up to? If we want to talk sustainability we have to talk hunger. Would you call it sustainable if the other 4 of 5 kids were eating organic? I doubt it.

2. Lunch- to pack or eat out?

There are a million lunch options from leftovers to a packed sandwich to a burger. But, if you watch T.V. or drive down your local fast food ally, are any of these options sustainable? Most use factory farmed beef and conventional produce laced with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The real question is do you actually trust food from a source you’ve never seen grown by people you’ve never met?

3. Dinner- why is it so hard?

We should not ask why is it so hard to live sustainably or eat sustainably. Instead we should ask, does it have to be so hard? No, but, our modern lives are not shaped to prioritize sustainable food. Our food priorities are shaped by food being looked at like a readily available commodity such as shoes. Lifeless and able to sit on the shelve for long times.

This is why we garden. Gardening promotes life. Food is not lifeless. Food is life. Like promotes like and life promotes life. When we garden we have to care for something other than ourselves even if we have the interest of eating what we grow at the end of the day.

This is also why we are turning our Cultuvate Crate sales into donations to help community gardens in food deserts. We believe that anyone willing to fight hunger or bring healthy food options to neighborhoods that need good, sustainably sourced food, could use a weight lifted off their shoulders.

We would love for you to garden with us. We have made it easy through our garden guides that come with any 2×2 or larger Cultuvate Crate or you can purchase a guide separately. When you garden, you take action in making the world more sustainable and beautiful.

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